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Episode 36 –Roastmasterpiece Theater!

Episode 36 –Roastmasterpiece Theater!

This week I am joined by talented creator Addison Binek to discuss his Kickstarter for Roastmasterpiece theater! He is raising money to license two films in order to continue his passion for loving tributes to Mystery Science Theater 3000! Addison has done over 120 episodes of his series "Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon" ( in which he takes films and boils them down to 15-20 riff-and-skit-filled minutes for your viewing pleasure! Armed with his friends/writing partners/voices of the puppets, they also did two episodes of Tromasterpiece Theater in which Lloyd Kaufman chose two Troma films for them to riff on! Please go support Addison's Kickstarter, the proceeds of which will go to license two more films for the guys to riff on! There are a lot of great perks, and only a short time left to get in on them! The Kickstarter ends at 3pm Eastern on July 1!

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