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Episode 41 –Indie Marathon!

Episode 41 –Indie Marathon!

This week I am joined by a whole slew of independent creators that are joining me to discuss their various projects! From filmmakers to comic creators to podcasters and dollmakers, this episode has it all! To help support the folks on this episode, and to find out more about their projects, click the links below! Because of the length of the episode, you get your shark fact right here! The oldest shark ever discovered was a Greenland shark believed by scientists to be 512 years old! This would put its birth in 1508. To put that in perspective, William Shakespeare was born in 1564.

The Devil's Lettuce -

Spooky Social Club Podcast -

Super Team International '88 -

The Haunted Hydro -

Malvolia: The Queen of Screams -

Tales From the Podcast Fundraiser:

Z3D Forge -

If You Give a Dog a Doobie -

How Much Do You Tip an Exorcist? -

It Came From the 508 -

Roastmasterpiece Theater -

Biohazard Babies -

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