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S8E319 -Tarkov Cheater Exposed!!

S8E319 -Tarkov Cheater Exposed!!

In this episode of the Talking Gaming & Tech Podcast the Retroid Podcast Flip was announced. PS5 Pro may be here in late 2024. Cheating in online games seems to be something we just have to live with in this day and age or does it? One Youtuber set out to show how bad the cheating was in Tarkov by cheating himself. In the second half of the show Sony QD Laser for the DCS-HX99 will help people with low vision take better pictures by shining laser right on to their eyes. Apple wants to make their own screens now and ditch the likes of Samsung and LG. Flipper, the misunderstood pentesting tool, is now being banned in Brazil. Mandalorian Season 3 episode 2 was a ride and will get into the breakdown and our thoughts on the future of the show.     Talking Gaming & Tech is Produced by Tech Prime Media and is part of the Dorkening Podcast Network and is brought to you by Deadly Grounds Coffee!

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